Four oil paintings by our featured artists.

The Embrace Gallery Story

Welcome to Embrace Gallery! We are Chris McKeel and Susanna King, two friends with a lifelong appreciation for the arts in common. Embrace Gallery is a curated gallery that uses each artist’s social-media network to increase the exposure of the gallery and all of the artists. We are somewhat like a co-op, providing professional photography, business management, social media management, and graphic design.

Our business partnership began when Chris was managing her own photography studio and Susanna was doing freelance web development and graphic design work. Susanna needed professional photographs and Chris needed help maximizing her social media marketing. Being involved with the small business community, Chris realized that she was not alone in having difficulty managing her business while constantly pushing out social media content. They decided to create Flourish Media, LLC to help local businesses connect with their customers. Chris offers photography services and Susanna shares her technical expertise. Having contact with area artists through the local guild, Chris and Susanna were getting pleas from immensely talented artists who were having difficulty marketing their work. Embrace Gallery is the solution. Helping artists connect with people who want original art for their homes and businesses!

Each artist has a gallery page on the Embrace Gallery website with professionally photographed images of each piece of art and a bio with a professional headshot. Chris creates visual content to heavily promote each artist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Meet Chris McKeel

My mother was an artist and my older sister has a fine arts degree. They have given me a deep appreciation for the value of art in our lives. Art is so important to me that I am currently the president of the Aiken Artist Guild and a former board member of the Aiken Center for the Arts.

My passion is photographing people, street photography, portraits, documentary photography. I have been working on my skills for over 30 years. My work has been on billboards, in magazines and in homes throughout the US. I photograph Embrace Gallery’s artists, their studios and artwork.

I have a master’s degree in Wellness Management (marketing healthy behaviors to employees of corporations) with a minor in business management . I use these skills to market and run the gallery.

Meet Susanna King

Coming from a creative family, I have been creating art my whole life – my mother is an art teacher. My background includes training in traditional media and art history, but my current creative passion is digital art. I have over two decades of web design and development experience. I studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated with a degree in Multimedia.

I’ve been involved with the local art community for many years and currently serve on the board of the Aiken Artist Guild along with Chris. An art collector myself, I hope to show others that collecting art is a fun and accessible hobby.