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Gallery Wrapped Canvases: Why We Love Them

Oil painting of a Jekyll Island Georgia sunset

What is the difference between a canvas and a gallery wrapped canvas? You might see this term used to describe art for sale and wonder what exactly it’s describing.

A gallery wrapped canvas is one in which the canvas is stretched around the sides of the frame and stapled onto the back. The edges are often painted white, black, or a color that compliments the painting. Some artists tape the edges so they remain clean and unpainted. Almost all artists gallery wrap their canvases. We love gallery wraps because they may be hung immediately without need of framing. 

Stretched canvas usually refers to a painting where the canvas is secured to the sides of the stretcher frame, requiring a frame to cover the edges. You may see antique paintings that are secured like this.

A fad that we have seen lately is to sell canvases that are not stretched at all. Artwork is painted on loose canvas, just like a piece of fabric. Some pieces like this are painted on stretched canvas, then removed from the frame for an industrial look. 

Right now, all of Embrace Gallery’s paintings that are on canvas are gallery wrapped canvases. If one isn’t, we will let you know in its description. As always, we are happy to answer your questions about any piece that interests you. We can take additional photos, have the artist video chat with you and show you the painting, or if you are local we can arrange for you to see the art in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at!