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Introducing Our New Artist: Pamela Moore

Portrait of artist, Pamela Moore.

Portrait of artist, Pamela Moore.It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest artist, Pamela  Moore! We first noticed Pamela’s work via her exhibit at the Aiken Center for the Arts. We were inspired by her style and intrigued by her religious icon paintings. 

Pamela’s work can be found in Europe and the United States. She attended Mannheim/Heidleberg University were she studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design. For eight years, she worked in graphic design for Lufthansa Airlines. After returning to the US, Pamela became the Master Artist for Habersham Fine Furniture in Tocca, Georgia. Habersham bought the licensing for the Monet Collection and Pamela’s specialty was painting Monets on armoires. After eight years, she moved to Edgefield, South Carolina where she opened an art store, started the Edgefield Regional Arts and the Edgefield Theatre. Now, she resides in our beautiful little city of Aiken where she creates the wonderful work you will see in Embrace Gallery, takes commissions, and teaches several students. You can see her gallery here

Sampling of paintings by Aiken, South Carolina artist, Pamela Moore.
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Love Conveyance? Handmade vs Mass Production

The Japanese Footbridge painting by Claude Monet

In June, Susanna and I started Embrace Gallery because we know the value of original works of art. We have experienced the joy of owning one-of-a-kind paintings and sculptures. We know that this art, though sometimes more expensive, is much more valuable than any factory-made reproductions for sale at the big box stores. We live in a world of fast fashion where price is very important in the purchase decision and things are designed to be thrown away instead of repaired. There are many costs to this kind of consumerism that are not reflected in the price tag. Instead of focusing on the costs, I thought it would be more enlightening to list some of the benefits of buying handmade originals.


No one in the world will have exactly the same painting. You will not see it in your neighbor’s house. Your selection makes you unique and your home unique. Each piece has its own story, the story of the artist and the inspiration behind the piece. As the owner of a piece of original art, you become part of the story.

Supporting artists and their communities

Buying an original piece of art allows an artist to spend time creating works of art that make our spaces more pleasant to inhabit.  Mass-produced art is made by companies who are responsible to their stockholders, and therefore use the cheapest possible workforce. Give your money to the artist and it stays within the community.

Breaking the consumer-to-trash-bin cycle

An artist would never spend days creating a painting with low-quality paints on a low-quality canvas. One-of-a-kind pieces are quality items that you will cherish and hand down to the next generation. In the age of fast fashion, mass-produced goods don’t have to be quality, they just have to be on trend and inexpensive. Keep your purchase out of the landfill and reduce your carbon footprint by carefully selecting art that will last.

Love Conveyance

In a study I read comparing handmade goods to mass-produced goods, the authors explain that the love in love conveyance is the producer’s love for his or her work making handmade products. Love is evident in the years of work developing his/her skill, the planning and inspiration that went into the creation of each item. 

According to the literature, this love is transferred from the creator to the user. This explains the indescribable difference between the feeling of viewing original art versus a print. I remember the first time I went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and viewed The Japanese Footbridge by Claude Monet. I had seen many prints, but to actually see the blobs of paint on the canvas–indescribable! 

You may not be able to afford a Monet, but there are lots of works of art you can afford that will bring you more joy in their original form than you can get from a mass-produced print of a Monet. The Love Conveyance seems to be lost in translation.

Hsu, Yi & Ngoc, Nguyen Anh (2016). The Handmade Effect: What is Special about Buying Handmade. International Review of Management and Business Research, 5(2), 594-609.

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Introducing Carolyn DiGiovanni- our newest artist!

Carolyn DiGiovanni is a well-known abstract impressionistic mixed-media artist in the Charlotte metropolitan arts community.

With a strong belief that art is at the core of her essence, Carolyn has spent a lifetime developing her unique form of creative expression. The joy with which she approaches her studio time is reflected in the resonance of her works. She brings her intuitive understanding of color, texture, essence and psyche into each creation. 

A New Jersey native, Carolyn has studied in Florence, Italy and the Pacific Northwest. Working in acrylics, she often mixes pure pigments to get the color and density just right. Carolyn prefers to paint on wood panels, saying that surface holds her thick, textured paintings so well. You will find her signature circle on each piece. She says the circle represents many truths in life, but the one she mentions most is our our universal connection: the circle of life.

See all of her work at on her gallery page.

Carolyn DiGiovanni poses in front of her painting Sunflower Explosion
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Welcome to Embrace Gallery!

Four oil paintings by our featured artists.

Our mission is to connect art lovers with talented artists.

We believe that ordinary people should be able to own original fine art. We know there are many incredibly talented artists in our region without an easy way to connect to patrons.

Embrace Gallery helps artists sell their art so they can spend their time creating. We also help ordinary people find wonderful art for their homes, offices and businesses.

Artwork by Marsha Shelburn and Debbie Black.

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We are Open for Business!

A picture of two paintings with the Embrace.Gallery logo in the middle. The top painting is of birds sitting on a bridge in Scotland and the bottom painting is an abstract of people riding bikes through a city.

We are so pleased to announce that www.Embrace.Gallery is open! Our mission is to connect art lovers with talented regional artists through our online gallery. We believe that everyone should be able to invest in original fine art.

We are opening with two of our favorite Aiken, South Carolina artists, Marsha Shelburn and Debbie Black. Marsha and Debbie share a studio on Laurens Street that is bursting with wonderful paintings.

We hope you’ll browse our gallery and follow us on social channels @embracegallery. We’ll be adding new art and artists all the time.