Sandy Rhodes

Sandy Rhodes, a native of South Carolina, lives in the beautiful Lowcountry region of the state, where the outdoors abounds with inspiration. When she showed an interest in art at the age of twelve, her parents enrolled Sandy with private instructors. After graduating from Winthrop University with a degree in art and sociology, she taught in public and private schools for many years. Sandy also taught private lessons to children and adults in her home. To her delight, several of her students attained careers in graphic design and interior decorating.

Sandy has experimented with many artistic media, but in recent years returned to her favorite and original medium, oils. She feels it gives the best range of development and satisfaction. Her original artwork was very detailed and technical but she decided she enjoyed loosening up by using an impressionistic style of painting, which allows a more powerful statement with texture and color.
As for subject matter, just about anything goes, except portraits: “I know my limit and God did not give me that ability.”

With twelve hunting dogs, four horses and a veterinarian in the family, you can guess Sandy’s favorite subject matter is animals, especially dogs. Of course, Bluffton’s May River is a great source of inspiration with all its glorious water scenes and subjects like crabs and shells. Most of the time, she prefers to paint on canvas, but that does not limit her. Sandy says, “I have painted on just about anything that will hold still long enough.” Her painting surfaces include furniture, clothing, reclaimed wood, mailboxes, and pottery. Sandy loves to paint wall murals as well as large divider screens.

“Painting is not a job but a form of relaxation and enjoying being with yourself.”