Marsha Shelburn

Life is a lot more interesting when viewed as a slideshow of possible paintings. I see much more than I did before I started painting. I look carefully at colors, textures, shapes, and the effects of light, as I try to capture them on canvas. I pay more attention to interactions between people. I enjoy the finer points of both nature and urban areas.

Usually I paint with oils, but it is tempting to try every sort of art. Sometimes I switch to acrylics and pastels; or I’ll experiment with encaustics or a medium entirely new to me.

My favorite subjects are people caught in their daily routines or in unique places. But I like many other subjects, too…animals, plants, buildings, boats, etc. I usually have several very different paintings going at the same time, so I can alternate sketching, painting details, creating backgrounds, using different colors, etc.

My art has been juried into shows and won awards, but I feel most honored when people choose my art for their homes.

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Showing 1–12 of 33 results