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Introducing Our New Artist: Pamela Moore

Portrait of artist, Pamela Moore.

Portrait of artist, Pamela Moore.It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest artist, Pamela  Moore! We first noticed Pamela’s work via her exhibit at the Aiken Center for the Arts. We were inspired by her style and intrigued by her religious icon paintings. 

Pamela’s work can be found in Europe and the United States. She attended Mannheim/Heidleberg University were she studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design. For eight years, she worked in graphic design for Lufthansa Airlines. After returning to the US, Pamela became the Master Artist for Habersham Fine Furniture in Tocca, Georgia. Habersham bought the licensing for the Monet Collection and Pamela’s specialty was painting Monets on armoires. After eight years, she moved to Edgefield, South Carolina where she opened an art store, started the Edgefield Regional Arts and the Edgefield Theatre. Now, she resides in our beautiful little city of Aiken where she creates the wonderful work you will see in Embrace Gallery, takes commissions, and teaches several students. You can see her gallery here

Sampling of paintings by Aiken, South Carolina artist, Pamela Moore.
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Introducing Carolyn DiGiovanni- our newest artist!

Carolyn DiGiovanni is a well-known abstract impressionistic mixed-media artist in the Charlotte metropolitan arts community.

With a strong belief that art is at the core of her essence, Carolyn has spent a lifetime developing her unique form of creative expression. The joy with which she approaches her studio time is reflected in the resonance of her works. She brings her intuitive understanding of color, texture, essence and psyche into each creation. 

A New Jersey native, Carolyn has studied in Florence, Italy and the Pacific Northwest. Working in acrylics, she often mixes pure pigments to get the color and density just right. Carolyn prefers to paint on wood panels, saying that surface holds her thick, textured paintings so well. You will find her signature circle on each piece. She says the circle represents many truths in life, but the one she mentions most is our our universal connection: the circle of life.

See all of her work at on her gallery page.

Carolyn DiGiovanni poses in front of her painting Sunflower Explosion
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Meet our Artists!

Portrait of artists Debbie Black and Marsha Shelburn

Meet Debbie Black…

“I’ve lived from the mountains to the coast of South Carolina, but home to me is a little piece of dirt in the southwest corner of the Palmetto state.

I was a full time cattle farmer and still have a few pasture ornaments (cows, a goat and a donkey) to keep me company. I had a few other jobs along the way, but my kids grew up and I got tired of twelve-hour days.

Now I paint and travel. I keep my bags packed, including a sketch pad. I’m ready to leave on a moment’s notice as opportunities arise. Maybe a great deal to someplace I’ve never been; a friend who wants a travel buddy; or just because I’m in the mood!

I discovered I am an abstract painter and attracted to lots of mediums. Lately I’m doing oils on big canvases, but water media are best for travel. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next, except that it’ll still be art and travel!” –Debbie Black

Meet Marsha Shelburn…

Marsha started painting about thirty years ago. She would eek out time in the evenings and on weekends while teaching economics at the local university. Marsha has audited university art classes and participated in workshops with professional artists. She loves to travel and her art has been influenced by visits to art museums all over the world.

Retired from teaching, Marsha spends most afternoons painting. She has won Best of Show and numerous other awards in South Carolina shows. Her paintings and commissions have sold to clients mostly in the Southeast.

In her own words…

“Life is a lot more interesting when viewed as a slideshow of possible paintings. I see much more than I did before I started painting. I look carefully at colors, textures, shapes, and the effects of light, as I try to capture them on canvas. I pay more attention to interactions between people. I enjoy the finer points of both nature and urban areas.

Usually I paint with oils, but it is tempting to try every sort of art. Sometimes I switch to acrylics and pastels; or I’ll experiment with encaustics or a medium entirely new to me.”

My favorite subjects are people caught in their daily routines or in unique places. But I like many other subjects, too…animals, plants, buildings, boats, etc. I usually have several very different paintings going at the same time, so I can alternate sketching, painting details, creating backgrounds, using different colors, etc.

My art has been juried into shows and won awards, but I feel most honored when people choose my art for their homes.”

See her work at www.Embrace.Gallery