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  • Watercolor painting inspired by the New Mexico Hoodoos.

    Southeastern Hoodoos


    Watercolor, framed size 18″x24″.

  • Painting of a shadowy alley with lit streetlights. Predominant colors are reds and oranges.

    Alley Shadows


    Oil on 18″x24″ canvas.

  • Framed painting of a sunset in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

    Blowing Rock Sunset


    Oil on canvas
    Framed size 9″x11″
    Unframed size 8″x10″

  • Painting of white water flowing over the rocks of a tree covered Scottish stream


    Scottish Stream


    Oil on canvas
    Framed size 11″x14″
    Unframed size 9″x12″

  • Oil painting of a Scottish mountain stream. white water settles to blue water under a canopy of green foliage.

    Hidden Stream


    Oil painting on 24″ x 48″ canvas.

  • Oil painting of an ancient ruins under a stormy sky.

    A Huge Historical Puzzle


    Oil on 30″x40″ canvas.

  • Oil painting of two women strolling across a bridge in Venice, Italy.

    Venetian Bridge


    Oil on 24″ x 36″ x .75″ canvas.

  • Reflections


    Oil on canvas.
    Framed size 21″x26.5″
    Unframed 20″x24″

  • Framed oil painting of a bright sunny, yellow room with a large window.

    The Yellow Room


    Oil on canvas, framed size 19″x23″.

  • Swedish bookstore

    Old Swedish Bookstore


    Oil on 18″x24″¬†canvas

  • Painting of a street in Venice

    A Sacred Space in Venice


    Oil on 20″ x 20″ canvas.

  • orange-roofed barn in a green field

    The Barn with the Orange Hat


    Oil on 24″x48″ canvas.

Showing 73–84 of 100 results