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Introducing Carolyn DiGiovanni- our newest artist!

Carolyn DiGiovanni is a well-known abstract impressionistic mixed-media artist in the Charlotte metropolitan arts community.

With a strong belief that art is at the core of her essence, Carolyn has spent a lifetime developing her unique form of creative expression. The joy with which she approaches her studio time is reflected in the resonance of her works. She brings her intuitive understanding of color, texture, essence and psyche into each creation. 

A New Jersey native, Carolyn has studied in Florence, Italy and the Pacific Northwest. Working in acrylics, she often mixes pure pigments to get the color and density just right. Carolyn prefers to paint on wood panels, saying that surface holds her thick, textured paintings so well. You will find her signature circle on each piece. She says the circle represents many truths in life, but the one she mentions most is our our universal connection: the circle of life.

See all of her work at on her gallery page.

Carolyn DiGiovanni poses in front of her painting Sunflower Explosion