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The Embrace Gallery Story…

Hello and welcome! We are Susanna King and Chris McKeel, the founders of Embrace.Gallery!

We believe original art should be accessible to everyone and we are so excited by the idea of connecting artists with patrons! Embrace.Gallery showcases regional artists (Southeastern US).

Susanna has a background in graphic design and website/UX design. Chris is a photographer. Together we formed to help local businesses create content and manage their social media.

Active in the arts community, we were often approached by wonderful artists who wanted to sell their work online. These artists are talented and dedicated to their art, but they are struggling to market their work to consumers. They just want to paint!

At Embrace.Gallery, we photograph their work, tell their stories and promote them through our online gallery and social media all with the goal of selling their work.

We ask the artists to share our Embrace.Gallery with their online connections forming a collaborative effort to promote each other. Collaboration helps those wanting original art for their homes and businesses find just the right artist and just the right art!

Embrace.Gallery is currently representing Debbie Black and Marsha Shelburn. We will be adding artists all the time, so be sure to sign up for our email newsletter!!