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Meet our Artists!

Portrait of artists Debbie Black and Marsha Shelburn

Meet Debbie Black…

“I’ve lived from the mountains to the coast of South Carolina, but home to me is a little piece of dirt in the southwest corner of the Palmetto state.

I was a full time cattle farmer and still have a few pasture ornaments (cows, a goat and a donkey) to keep me company. I had a few other jobs along the way, but my kids grew up and I got tired of twelve-hour days.

Now I paint and travel. I keep my bags packed, including a sketch pad. I’m ready to leave on a moment’s notice as opportunities arise. Maybe a great deal to someplace I’ve never been; a friend who wants a travel buddy; or just because I’m in the mood!

I discovered I am an abstract painter and attracted to lots of mediums. Lately I’m doing oils on big canvases, but water media are best for travel. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next, except that it’ll still be art and travel!” –Debbie Black

Meet Marsha Shelburn…

Marsha started painting about thirty years ago. She would eek out time in the evenings and on weekends while teaching economics at the local university. Marsha has audited university art classes and participated in workshops with professional artists. She loves to travel and her art has been influenced by visits to art museums all over the world.

Retired from teaching, Marsha spends most afternoons painting. She has won Best of Show and numerous other awards in South Carolina shows. Her paintings and commissions have sold to clients mostly in the Southeast.

In her own words…

“Life is a lot more interesting when viewed as a slideshow of possible paintings. I see much more than I did before I started painting. I look carefully at colors, textures, shapes, and the effects of light, as I try to capture them on canvas. I pay more attention to interactions between people. I enjoy the finer points of both nature and urban areas.

Usually I paint with oils, but it is tempting to try every sort of art. Sometimes I switch to acrylics and pastels; or I’ll experiment with encaustics or a medium entirely new to me.”

My favorite subjects are people caught in their daily routines or in unique places. But I like many other subjects, too…animals, plants, buildings, boats, etc. I usually have several very different paintings going at the same time, so I can alternate sketching, painting details, creating backgrounds, using different colors, etc.

My art has been juried into shows and won awards, but I feel most honored when people choose my art for their homes.”

See her work at www.Embrace.Gallery

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